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These bath toys are safe, non-toxic animals made from 100% natural rubber derived from rubber tree sap. For babies to chew on as their first teeth start to come through, or perfect for playing in the bath. The collection features dinosaurs, sea creatures, jungle & domestic animals of which few examples can be seen below.

  • Floating animals are shaped to keep the weight center and float in the natural position on the water.

  • Natural rubber softness provides a good grip and makes toys friendly playmates.

  • They are completely sealed in order to prevent bacteria from getting inside.

  • Small details like eyes, mouth, whiskers are hand-painted.

  • When toy is discarded it can decompose in proper climate within 1-2 years.

  • CE certified, EN71 approved for 18m+, complies with EN71-2 & EN71-3 standards.

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