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Assisted in creation of new brand launched in 2019 by chef Tommy Myllymäki and designer Jens Fager. I was involved in developing all elements of the brand including product and packaging. Nouie items created to enhance the experience of cooking and dining.


  • Ø28 cm frying pan in cast iron with a stainless steel handle. The pan is pre-seasoned and will last for years to come with little maintenance. Since all parts are metal, the pan is safe for oven use. The handle will stay cool during cooking due to the small contact area with the pan.

  • A cooking spoon made from a solid piece of oak. Perfect for stirring in the pan over heat or in the mixing bowl. The tip of the spoon is shaped into a gentle curve to give you better reach and more control. With a smooth finish and rounded handle, it rests comfortably in hand.

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