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LIEWOOD, 2018-2019

Cups are for mastering the skill to drink in all life situations. Whether it is a birthday party, ride in a stroller, bike, car or meal time at home.


  • They are designed for babies and young children for weaning and beyond.

  • The engineered sealing profile prevents any liquid from leaking out under normal using conditions or if the cup is dropped.

  • All cups are suitable for outdoor use.

  • Cups are made in 100% LFGB silicone - they are unbreakable & free from all harmful chemicals like phthalates.

  • Neil cup, as well as Ellis sippy cup, feature removable lids with a small spout and vent hole.

  • ​Lids from Ellis and Neil cups can be swapped.

  • The handles on Neil's cup ensure a tight grip and allow the child to practice holding and tilting.

  • Ellis cup fits in all standard cup holders & has an accompanying removable straw.

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