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The design concept that combines the best of modularity and modification, drawing inspiration from a timeless 60s inter-slot game. As if threading memories of the past into the present, "Mod" breathes new life with play into spaces.

Recycled aluminum, PET of which 60% recycled, valchromat.

Cinematographer Jonas Kisielius & Video editor and colorist Arturas Buividavicius

Tailored transformation

MOD divider embraces versatility as its core principle, offering a modular design that adapts to different needs. Whether you seek to create an intimate reading nook, an open-concept workspace, or a partition between rooms, the Mod enhances spaces with customizable dry assembly tile combinations.


Connection & Privacy: While the room divider may create separation, it does not promote isolation. The aim? To bring a touch of playfulness while harmonizing larger spaces, striking that perfect balance between openness and intimacy. Reduce being boxed in or feeling totally exposed. The play of light and shadow which filters through its design offers a sense of privacy without compromising on the airiness of space.

Shelves & Acoustics

The Mod system features two distinct material options: PET for the acoustical divider, enhancing sound absorption and spatial sculpting, and Valchromat -  for the divider/shelf, enabling the use of horizontal tiles for items display.

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