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Mobile robot - Buddy

YUMAN, 2023

Healthcare-centered autonomous mobile robot to assist nurses with the transport of small equipment in hospital wards that nurses need for patient care.

Yuman  Buddy_Portfolio_8.jpg


Feminine form with formal function. Autonomous mobile robot is designed with neutral but friendly aesthetics to blend into healthcare facilities. Precision navigation in corridors and wards is supported by its small, rounded footprint. Plus, the base accommodates standard medical cabinets which can be swapped according to the day to day needs.

Yuman  Buddy_Portfolio_12.jpg


The device has an adjustable angle touch screen, an easily accessible stop button, and a push-down handle for a manual control feature.


Buddy creates more focused nursing time with the patient and more fluent patient contact, which leads to a good dialogue between nurses and patients. Buddy allows nurses to take 2000 steps less per shift (out of between 5000 - 10,000). Buddy is user-friendly and easy to use, after a short introduction, and also easy to integrate into the workflow.

Yuman  Buddy_Portfolio_9.jpg

Visualizations by  Dominyka Barkauskaite

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