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Match tree - occasional matches. Fire is an important symbol of Lithuanian culture. In ancient times Lithuanians were called fire worshipers. In every house there was a hearth with fire that was cherished a lot. It was the mother's responsibility to protect and maintain the fire. It was not only the source of the light and heat, it also embodied the continuity of the family, life, and relationship.

Hazel - packaging with the nutcracker. Hazel trees known and cultivated for several thousand years. In some Lithuanian legends, a hazel tree is considered to be sacred. Nuts are the source of energy, improving memory and strengthening the immune system. This is a great gift for yourself or a friend, comprised of a handful of nuts in an elegant packaging made of rice paper and two wooden nutcracker parts.

Acorn coffee - packaging for two. Acorn coffee is a source of health. From ancient times for Lithuanians, oak was a symbol of strength and fortitude. The old manuals say that acorn coffee, makes young people even more beautiful and preserved, and the old ones - rejuvenates by giving them strength. Acorn coffee has no caffeine, so everyone can enjoy drinking it. Acorn coffee is a symbol of hard work and accuracy. 

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