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Liewood potty is made of bamboo mix with a smooth finish and is an alternative to the traditional plastic-based potties. It has non-slip silicone feet at the bottom so it stays in place even if the child is moving. Cut out holes in the front and back to easily move it around and clean. The potty is ergonomically made and has a good sitting height for the child. It is shaped so that it is comfortable to sit on and at the same time protects against splashes.

  • The surface is matte so it does not stick to the skin.

  • Max weight: 10 kg.

  • Age: 0-2 years

  • Dimensions: W: 21 x H: 19 x L: 28 cm

  • Material: 30% bamboo fiber, 60% melamine and 10% corn powder. To improve durability and product stability, this item contains a higher content of melamine than for example tableware.

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